Our goal

To empower children and young people facing adversity to become productive and healthy citizens in society.

Our mission

To become a leading network specialized on providing social services for vulnerable children, specially those who are victims and survivors of forced displacement.

Our vision

Our main interventions

In addition to free legal aid and physiological assistance, our efforts to support vulnerable children and young survivors of forced displacement focus on five different action areas: Education, Sports, Gender Equality, Child Protection and Humanitarian Assistance. These pillars underscore our commitment to fostering holistic development, inclusivity, and the well-being of vulnerable children.

Since 2012 we have been commissioned by Boyaca´s regional government to carry out projects in many municipalities through our School of Human Rights on issues such as gender equality, social integration, sports and sexual health. Due to the effectiveness of our programs and our financial transparency, in 2013 we were awarded a grant through the United States Embassy of Colombia to help broaden Juventas Language School into rural areas that have been particularly affected by the current armed conflict.

If we did not offer the displaced children the opportunity to continue with their integral development and growth process, they would risk being sentenced to a life in miserable conditions and poverty, and more likely to engage in delinquent behaviour and be involved in child labour and begging, prostitution and illegal and armed groups.

Why do we have to work for vulnerable children and adolescents?

To offer integrated development opportunities to vulnerable children and young survivors of forced displacement, by improving their chances in life through education programs. These are undertaken to provide them with useful tools to develop their independence as they become young adults equipped with the skills to empower their own future livelihoods, escaping the cycle of conflict and poverty.

Founded in 2009, Fundación Juventas is a legally recognized Non-Government Organization in Colombia committed to ensuring the development and well-being of vulnerable children, specially those who are victims and survivors of forced displacement in Colombia. Our main interventions include educational activities, advocacy and the improvement of their living conditions through a family and community-based approach, as a strategy to fight against poverty, inequality and social exclusion. Fundación Juventas is non-affiliated, both politically and religiously.